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It’s me, Rashea Shamone! I’ve experienced quite a life of solo ​traveling, taking risks, exploring the unknown, getting lost for ​hours, and trusting strangers, but living a liberated life as a ​citizen of the world. And I'm ready to share my stories with you!

I got tired of the hamster wheel of corporate in Jamaica so I sold ​my car, and furniture, gave away the rest, and two flights later, ​my new life in Mexico had begun in the year of 2016.

I've discovered my multipotentiality and ever since I've tapped ​into several passions and creative work. Are you ready to ​embark on this journey with me? I sure am!

Open the doors to endless possibilities like I did



I started my nomadic journey being more than half a million ​Jamaican dollars in debt, however, I knew there was more out ​there; more to be seen, to experience, and definitely more that I ​could be—within 2 years abroad, I was debt free and traveling ​on my own dime and terms! I love the life I've created here.

For the first 2-3 years in Mexico, I taught English to children, ​adults, and business English to executives and companies. But ​writing was the passion I longed to develop. While my blog ​had reached over 750 subscribers back then, I wanted to work ​with bigger brands to enhance my writing skills even more.

Since February 2019, I've done just that! I've written for luxury ​hotel chains around Mexico: Marival Resorts, a luxury hotel ​chain in Puerto Vallarta, and The Villa Group Resorts, a hotel ​chain with 7 hotels throughout Puerto Vallarta, Riviera ​Nayarit, and Los Cabos, among other smaller brands.

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Founder of Club Spanglish

It has always been my dream to become the visionary founder of ​a social club that inspires others to embrace new experiences, ​expand their horizons, and embark on their own journey of self-​discovery. After years of solo traveling and living abroad, ​consummated by the incredible people I met along the way and ​lessons learned; gave birth to Club Spanglish.

Club Spanglish is a dynamic platform that transcends ​traditional language learning to foster personal development, ​cultural immersion, and community connection. With a passion ​for languages and a deep belief in the transformative power of ​human connection, Rashea embarked on a mission to create a ​space where individuals could embark on a journey of self-​discovery while embracing linguistic diversity.

Driven by her own experiences of learning languages and ​navigating personal growth, Rashea envisioned Club Spanglish ​as more than just a language learning platform but as a lifestyle ​brand that celebrates culture, community, and continuous ​learning. Under her leadership, Club Spanglish offers a diverse ​array of services, including immersive language classes, ​transformative personal development workshops, mindset ​coaching, cultural events, and intimate gatherings.

Let’s Collaborate

Creative Writing & ​Trav​el Journalism

I'll review different tourist ​destinations, hotels, tours, ​restaurants, etc. so others can ​experience them too.

Copywritin​g & Content ​Development

For better online positioning, ​I'll help you develop your ​brand's voice, use SEO, and ​create a content strategy.

Language & Mindset Coaching

Is it your dream to travel ​more? From 9-5 to full-time ​travel, I'll help you make the ​transition with ease.

Catalyze Your Self-Development and ​Reinvention Through Travel

by Rashea Shamone

Gone are the days when travel was only for business or exploring new destinations. Nowadays, people are embracing purpose-driven travel as a way to improve their mental health, relationships, lifestyle, quality of life, and future success.

Why do you travel?

For some, travel can be a form of escapism or instant gratification but for others, it's the perfect playground to let their inner child roam free to promote self-discovery, healing, and reinvention. Traveling to another city, locally or overseas, will unlock a whole new portal to start afresh and become who you've always wanted to be, especially on solo trips. Why?

What better time to implement new habits and lifestyle than in a new city where nobody knows you? It's the ideal place to be your authentic self without the influence of family, friends, societal norms, and cultural traditions. And the perfect moment to practice mindfulness. You can finally breathe!

Why should you practice mindfulness?

Too many people are convinced that "they are who they are" and "people can't change", however, I'm living proof that change is not only possible but it's attainable! How? You asked, well, first, I deepened my self-awareness through mindfulness.

Mindfulness is about being present and becoming more of an observer of your choices, actions, different emotions as they arise, and how you react to triggers, and setting boundaries to better understand yourself and how you show up in the world.

Don't let circumstances trick you into believing you have little to no choices but to keep doing the things that clearly aren't getting you results of a better quality of life full of joy, ease, and success. Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different outcomes. But fear not, I'll help you find your options.

ready to change your life?

Club Spanglish has always been proud to serve the community ​with language classes but we couldn't be prouder to launch ​our personal development division that aims to educate ​people worldwide about self-discovery, and reinvention ​through travel. Whether you're an avid traveler or you've never ​traveled before, you have the power to change your whole life!

For a limited time only, get 3 in 1 with the ELITE BUNDLE ​which consists of our Explore More course, Explore More: ​Gratitude E-journal, and one Life Strategy and Mindset ​Coaching session with Rashea Shamone to enjoy 29% OFF.

This self-paced 3-module course extends into a workshop using its 21-day guide to help put theory into practice. All modules have video and written presentations, practice exercises, and quizzes to foster self-discovery and reinvention.

Once you complete the 21-day guide, you'll receive access to Bonus Content that introduces you to the 3Rs Method, a proven technique using a 3-step process to self-discover, heal emotional wounds, and reinvent your life. If you put in the work, stay consistent, and be accountable, change is inevitable!

gratitude is key

What can you change in 100 days of ​gratitude? Download our Explore ​More: Gratitude E-journal that ​focuses on introspection, ​intentional gratitude, and ​reflection. All of which you have to ​do in order to change the trajectory ​of your life and future success. ​Welcome to the rest of your life!

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